ABOUT Audioroad

About AudioRoad and Products


Audio Road (AR) is a small business that combines audio and technology in a unique way to play your favorite music. The technology of Audio Road "transform speakers" is quite different from traditional speakers.  Audio Road transform speakers vibrate against hard surfaces such as wood, glass, cardboard, and metal to produce sound.  Be creative and transform various objects such as counter tops, bookshelves, hood of your car, or a computer desk into a speaker!

Why AudioRoad?


We offer the only transform speaker to also act as a stand-alone MP3 player once you load a MicroSD/TF card (up to 8GB). The player reads the music from the card, plays it, and has built in controls to adjust volume and switch between tracks!


“Thank you AudioRoad, I take my Symphony on all business trips. It sounds good on dressers and easy to set up."

- Jordan S.


“Cool product, it mixes technology and


- Mike G.


Thank You for choosing AudioRoad

Owner/Engineer/Innovator - John Aragon


"The built in battery lasts long and music sounds great on my glass table."

- Shannon A.