Q: How does an AR MP3 player/transform speaker work?
A: The Symphony and Microphone are different from traditional speakers, they work by resonating
against any hard surface such as wood, glass, and metal to play audio.
Experiment with various materials around you and you'll lose yourself in the freedom of music of your new AR unit.

Q: Where does the music come from?
A: The Symphony and Microphone transform speakers play music directly from the (MicroSD) "TF" card or
can be plugged into any audio player (iPod, iPad, phones and MP3 players) that use a 3.5 mm audio jack using
the provided usb/audio jack.


Q: How To: Add the MicroSD/TF card?
A: Preload all of your audio files in MP3 format to your MicroSD/TF card. Turn the button on  to the
"TF" port, THEN insert the card (chip facing up) to the TF slot to enjoy your music.  


Q: How To: Charge the built in Lithium Ion battery?
A: Plug the USB/powercord into your computer (or USB source) and the other end into your AR device.
The light will change from red to green once completed.


Q: How To: Use the universal AR suction stand?
A: Slide your AR on suction stand, twist the clockwise to hold in place. Once done place against
flat surface such as glass desk, etc., then press lever down to lock into place. Make sure product is
tight before you let go.
Ports and Audio controls
1 - TF Slot:
Turn the button to the TF port and insert the TF card to card slot (all products keep the chip surface upwards.
2 - Audio Controller: |/V- || |/V+  Works when playing from TF card. Long press for adjusting the volume, left
for up, right for down; short press left for previous track, right for next track. Short direct press for pause.
3 - USB port:
Turn the switch to IN port, and insert the Mini USB interface into AR product. Use USB/ 3.5mm audio port
when connecting external audio devices such as iPod, phones, & computers.
4 - IN/OFF/TF:
When connecting to external sources, turn to the IN port; To play audio on the TF card, turn to TF port;
switch to OFF to turn off. Device can be charged in OFF position or IN position while plugged into USB port.
5  IR: Used for remote control 3-10 meters.

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